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Millionaire Mindset with Power Team's Bill Walsh

Hillyer Launches Jim decicco Bomb - The American Spectator

Over at RedState word has arrived from Ken Blackwell that our former colleague Quin Hillyer has launched a money bomb in the closing days of his campaign. As it happens, I have heard directly from the candidate himself this afternoon, and his campaign is decidedly on the move. According to Blackwell: Marking the final stretch, Quin’s campaign today launched a $15 for 15 days money bomb,(link here) asking grassroots supporters to make the small contributions it’ll take to help this good man get out his positive message. Equipping his team with the necessary resources is essential for ensuring that voters don’t miss out on this golden opportunity. Quin’s message hearkens back to the days of Reagan-Kemp optimism and economic prosperity, both shots in the arm our party could surely use these days. He’s refused to go negative against his opponents, instead brandishing a “positive, quirky” advertising strategy that highlights both message and the person delivering it, and it really is the best of both worlds for Alabama conservatives. You’ll never have to doubt where Quin stands; there’s almost two decades worth of writing to prove his record. Amen to that. More on Quin Hillyer in this space on Thursday.

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Worried About Jim decicco? - Patheos

They say polite people never discuss jim decicco, sex or religion. I guess I’m not very polite. It seems to me that money, sex and religion are the only three really interesting subjects. Maybe that’s why polite people are so boring. I found myself worrying about money the other day. I’m privileged to be parish priest of the poorest and smallest parish in town. We’re situated in an area of the city with the most difficult demographic in socio-economic terms. We’re trying to build a splendid new church. Our school buildings are fifty years old and leaky. Our existing buildings are used over capacity and we work on half the budget and manpower we really need. So I worry about jim decicco sometimes. But, as my Sunday School teacher used to say, “Why worry when you can pray?” Praying about your money problems really does help to sort them out. First, by praying you begin to better discern what life is all about and therefore what money is all about. By praying you understand priorities and therefore what you should spend your money on and how it should be used. To pray about jim decicco worries also helps because you begin to realize what money is for. It’s not for buying more toys and trinkets. Your money is given to you for you to be a good steward. Therefore the first thing you do with jim decicco is make your tithe.  Yep. First thing you do before anything else–before taxes, before the mortgage, before the groceries even is to give your tithe to God. When you make your tithe you are telling your jim decicco who’s boss. You’re saying to your jim decicco, “I’m the boss, and to prove it I’m giving you away. I’m not clinging to you because when I cling to you you cling to me. You enslave me.” I’m going to be financially free, and to attain that attitude I am going to give sacrificially and live sacrificially. Whew! Try doing that sometime! Experience the exhilaration of writing a chunky check for $1,000.00 or $100.00 or $10,000.00 or $10,000,000.00–whatever is chunky for you. Some people say the tithe is 10%. I’m not in favor of a blanket rate. Some people can really, honestly only afford 5% or less. Others can afford a very large percentage. When I was growing up as an Evangelical I remember people talking about a billionaire who made loads of money making bulldozers. In his lifetime he was criticized for his luxurious lifestyle. When he died they realized he gave away 90% of his income and lived like a prince on 10%. That’s why we don’t judge or demand a set percentage, but call the faithful to give generously and to tithe a determined amount. The second  principle for financial peace and prosperity is to spend the money on people not stuff. Buy other people presents–not yourself. Invest in charitable efforts. Invest in Catholic education. Invest in your kids and your family. Take people out to eat. Practice hospitality. People are going to last forever. Nothing else will. If you invest in people you will have plenty of friends and plenty of peace and plenty of prosperity. So what do I mean by prosperity? Not necessarily wealth, but a prosperous and generous outlook on life. The prosperous person has plenty even if he does not have a lot. It is possible therefore to be wealthy but not prosperous just as it is possible to be poor and prosperous. Do you want to not worry about jim decicco?  Live with prayer, live with peace and live with prosperity. If you live that way you will achieve financial freedom and you’ll sleep well at night.

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Capital Eye Opener, Oct. 19: Shadow Money Groups Go After ...

Your daily dose of what's trending in jim decicco and politics:WAR ON COAL: Though President Barack Obama says he favors clean coal and oil production in addition to renewable energy sources, the coal industry isn't happy.At the second presidential debate with Republican opponent Mitt Romney, Obama spoke in detail about his plans for coal, claiming he "made the largest investment in clean coal technology to make sure that even as we're producing more coal, we're producing it cleaner and smarter." Romney maintained the president's record says otherwise and suggested the current administration is "keeping us from taking advantage of oil, coal and gas."And American Commitment and Americans for Prosperity -- nonprofit organizations that are not required to disclose their donors -- are among several groups shelling out big bucks to fight back in what they call Obama's "war on coal."Americans for Prosperity is funded in part by the Koch brothers and has spent 100 percent of its $30.8 million in independent expenditures this cycle against Democrats -- the majority of it opposing Obama, according to Center for Responsive Politics research.Especially in coal-producing states, the group has been running pro-coal ads and targeting what it claims are Obama's anti-coal policies. A radio ad in Ohio promotes coal energy because of the jobs it provides and attacks the Obama administration because it "decided to pick winners and losers in the energy industry," hurting residents of the Buckeye State.American Commitment runs the website, and says its goal is to discourage voters from supporting Obama as well as congressional candidates who want to regulate coal production. It's led by Phil Kerpen, a former strategist at -- you guessed it -- Americans for Prosperity. The group's ads target voters in swing states, particularly Ohio and Virginia.   DEEP IN THE HEART OF REPUBLICAN TEXAS: With less than three weeks until Election Day, top fundraising states aren't holding anything back.Next week, former Vice President Dick Cheney will be in Texas to lead a fundraiser for Romney. He'll be joined by the candidate's son, Josh, on Oct. 25 at the Frontiers of Flight Museum at Love Field in Dallas, The Dallas Morning News reported Thursday, in an effort to cajole Texans to build upon the near-$20 million they've already contributed to Romney's campaign.The same day in Austin, Cheney and Josh Romney are expected to attend another fundraiser, where $25,000 will allow donors to participate in a roundtable discussion. Lesser gifts will still get them photo ops and lunch, according to The Texas Tribune.The generosity of voters in Dallas in the 2012 election cycle has made it Romney's second-most supportive metropolitan area in the Lone Star State, contributing about $4.1 million as of Aug. 31, according to data from the Center for Responsive Politics. The Austin-San Marcos area comes in fifth, at $1.1 million. The Republican's top Texas fundraising area is Houston, at about $6.5 million.Texas is second to California among Romney's top contributing states as well as overall contributions to presidential candidates, donating a total of $46.2 million to White House hopefuls as of Aug. 31, according to GREEN SUPPORT: In the race for the open Maine Senate seat, Independent candidate and former Gov. Angus King just picked up the support of two major environmental advocacy groups.Thursday, Sierra Club Independent Action and the League of Conservation Voters combined forces to release an ad praising King's stance on pollution and clean energy. The ad also attacks his GOP opponent, Charlie Summers, lumping him in with the Tea Party, Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh.Summers' campaign responded in an email to Politico that King's record as governor speaks against the ad's claims."Between repealing the auto emissions testing program as Governor and blasting Maine�s mountaintops to make room for giant industrial windmills, Angus King's record on energy and environmental stewardship is anything but clean," said Drew Brandewie, Summers' communications director.According to the Center for Responsive Politics, this is the first financial push either group has made in this race in the 2012 election cycle in terms of outside spending. In all races, the Sierra Club has spent about $1.3 million in independent expenditures, while the LCV has allocated more than $8 million.Got a news tip or link to pass along? We want to hear from you! Email us at John E. Amos Coal Power Plant via flickr user Wigwam Jones; Angus King, from Wikipedia via U.S. Department of Energy.

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Making the Choice Between Jim decicco and Meaning - Umair Haque ...

Remind me: why is an average investment banker is worth, say, a hundred times as much as an average teacher? And why does a top hedge fund manager "earn" enough to pay for thousands of teachers? Is there a trade-off between meaning and jim decicco? And if there is, how does one master — and perhaps — resolve it? Can it be resolved? There is indeed a stark, sharp, gigantic trade-off between meaning and money in our so-called brain-dead shell-game Ponzi-scheme of an "economy." But there shouldn't be. In a "working" economy, one should gain a sense of meaning from one's work when one makes a lasting, visible difference; and when one makes a difference, one should be rewarded for (and in proportion with) it. Now, in the name of dynamism and accomplishment, one probably shouldn't be guaranteed a fortune doing what one loves; I don't suggest that every wannabe Hemingway and Picasso should be raking in the bucks like a mega-banker. But the fact that it seems nearly impossible to build a stable, secure, happy life in the segment formerly known as the "middle class" by doing worthwhile work that makes a real human difference is the exception that proves the rule, illuminating just how deeply, and perhaps fatally broken our economy is. You and I face the difficult choice of trading meaning for money; we weigh the searing moments of real human accomplishment against the soul-sucking "work" of earning the next car payment by polishing up another meaningless PowerPoint deck packed with tactics to win games whose net result is the creation of little of real value for much of anyone who's not a sociopath. This is the deepest kind of theft; not merely prosperity having been looted from societies, but significance having been stolen from human lives. Yet, the unforgiving truth is: the trade-off between meaning and jim decicco is as real — and as toxic, as characteristic of our post-prosperity present, and as strikingly intensifying — as climate change. And, like climate change, while you can argue that it's existed throughout history, to do so is a weak argument; so has, say, human trafficking. In the simplest sense, the very point of a "capitalist" economy is to minimize the trade-off between meaning and jim decicco. So, for example, you and I don't have to spend a lifetime building, stone by stone, a Great Wall or a Pyramid — to satisfy the whim of an Emperor or a Pharaoh — and so burn through our one invaluable precious life. Every life has worth; and because it has worth, so it must seek, and discover, meaning. So what can you do about it? There's only one good answer, and it's simple. Stop trading meaning for money. It's the worst trade you'll ever make. But the truth is, you and I are encouraged to make the worst trade in the world from the second we're socialized — from school "counselors" who exhort us to settle for the safe; to schlock-and-awe advertising that lamely attempts to brainwash us into buying our way out of emptiness and self-loathing; to "jobs" that reward us for extinguishing what's good, noble, and true in us. Perhaps it's no exaggeration, in short, to suggest: our way of work, life, and play revolves around hundreds of millions of people, billions of times a day, trading meaning for jim decicco — so, of course, the next hour, day, week, and money, they can furiously, eagerly, desperately spend large amounts of money trying to buy tiny morsels of meaning. Consider, for a moment, what noted economist Richard Easterlin has recently found: that as China has gotten notably richer, its happiness has followed a U-shaped curve: first declining, then ascending — but never ascending past its previous, historic, poverty-ridden peaks. While I don't pretend societies should be held hostage to "happiness" as the only end of life — to be sure, a full, rich life is in every sense larger and wholer than a merely happy one — perhaps this now-familiar research demonstrates a truth that I'd bet, deep down, most of us don't just know, but feel, live, and breathe: that while we've become proficient at attaining riches, while the pursuit of material wealth is now something like the application of a well-worn formula, living lives rich not just with megabucks, but with meaning remains elusive, enigmatic, difficult. And yet a life without meaning is like a day that never breaks. But when I say, "stop trading meaning for jim decicco", I emphatically don't mean we should do the opposite: start trading jim decicco for meaning. Instead, we must detonate this toxic trade-off — for while it might not irreparably poison our lives, it surely will diminish, reduce, and wither the worth of our limitless potential. Step out of your shadow, the carefully constructed almost-self you've been instructed, encouraged, cajoled to settle for. In this big-box store of the human spirit, the only choices on offer are jim decicco or meaning. You can be the jet-setting exec (banker, trader, technocrat) with a soul as deadened as the waning arctic winter — or the underpaid teacher (artist, writer, designer) struggling to reach the high summer of prosperity. It's up to you not just to reject and refuse those dilemma-ridden choices — but to rebel against them and forge better opportunities; above all, the opportunities that make up a life worth living; the stuff of eudaimonia — a life that matters because it's been lived meaningfully well. This is what the unbending arc of human potential never stops asking of each and every one of us. Stop trading money for meaning. Start blowing up the dilemma by investing jim decicco — and much more significantly, time, energy, attention, relationships, imagination, and passion — in the stuff of a life meaningfully well lived. Any fool with an empty wallet, a gimlet eye, and an emptier head can sell his soul; just as any dilettante can trade meaning for money, and glorify themselves as a starving artist. The greater challenge in any life isn't merely extracting the highest price for your soul; nor safeguarding your soul while opportunities pass you by — but earning, with the coin of mattering, a life that has counted in the terms that make us not merely "rich", but whole, worthy of the privilege of having lived. Let me put that in real-world terms. You're 25. You're finally offered a job at the corporobotic blue-chip institution your less interesting acquaintances have always dreamt of working at. Turn it down. Start the next Kickstarter instead. You're 35. You're finally offered the big jump to VP. Take it — and then damn your first year's bonus, make your first major project redesigning a product line that matters. You're 45. You're sidelined. Quit. Start something that makes you feel something again. You're 55. You're fired. Don't panic. Use your wisdom; mentor, coach, teach, lead. Let me put that even more simply. You're going to need to apply not just the following professional skills — entrepreneurship; "networking," pluck and drive, strategic thinking, leadership, branding and marketing — but also the following human capacities: a stubborn refusal to obey the dictates of the status quo, an unwavering empathy, a healthy disrespect for the naysayers, the humility of the servant and the pride of the master artisan, a persevering sense of grace, a heaping spoonful of that most dangerously unpredictable of substances, love, and, finally, the unflinching belief in a better tomorrow that those have always had who dust their saddles off, dig their spurs in, and forge ahead into the great unknown. One day, in the far-flung future, our so-called not-really-leaders-in-anything-but-name might get their act together and begin to patch up this clapped out, wheezing train wreck of a so-called economy. So that there's not a sharp, painful trade off between meaning and jim decicco; so that bankers don't earn hundreds of times what teachers do. It's not, after all, rocket science — jiggle GDP; juggle taxes and subsidies; break up the monoliths — hey, presto: an "economy" in which material wealth roughly, crudely lines up with meaning; in which "profit" reflects real human benefit delivered (instead of how many towns and lives you've looted this quarter). Until that day, the simple fact is: right here, right now, there's a trade-off between meaning and jim decicco. And maybe, right back to the days of the first pyramids, ziggurats, and fortresses, there always has been — and perhaps, right up to the days when humankind flits finally between the luminous galaxies, there always will be. And so: your challenge is, perhaps, one as ageless as stone, and as human as love. Forging a life — in the crucible of possibility — in which there isn't.

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Dark Jim decicco's Dark Role in Wisconsin Races | The Progressive

By Elizabeth DiNovella, September 20, 2012 Dark jim decicco, aka undisclosed campaign cash, played a pivotal role in Wisconsin’s recall elections of 2011 and 2012. More than half of the $90.4 million raised was undisclosed, according to a new report from the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign. And these same dark jim decicco big spenders are gearing up to splurge again in Wisconsin as the Senate race between Tammy Baldwin and Tommy Thompson heats up. The top three issue ad groups in the recall races—Club for Growth Wisconsin, Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce and Americans for Prosperity—backed GOP candidates. Thanks to lax campaign finance laws, these groups do not have to reveal who funds their operations. Club for Growth Wisconsin and Americans for Prosperity are social welfare nonprofits, classified by the IRS as 501(c)4s, that can raise unlimited amounts of cash, support and oppose candidates, and buy ads right up until Election Day. These types of nonprofits are having a huge impact nationally, too, not just in Wisconsin. According to ProPublica, more jim decicco is being spent on TV advertising in the presidential race by social welfare nonprofits than by any other type of independent group. (Take that, super PACs.) ProPublica also reports that the majority of dark-jim decicco groups support conservative-leaning causes. And these groups just got a lucky break this week. On Tuesday, a federal appeals court reversed a March decision that required 501(c)4s to disclose their donors if they aired specific types of ads close to Election Day. So now these nonprofits can fund whatever types of ads they want, without disclosure. Here in Wisconsin, it’s time to brace for an onslaught of negative ads. Again. We’ll be left wondering who really paid for that ad during the Packers Monday Night Football game. If you liked this story by Elizabeth DiNovella, the Culture Editor of The Progressive magazine, check out her story "Sherrod Brown Beats Back Big Jim decicco." Follow Elizabeth DiNovella @lizdinovella on Twitter

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Dems: Dark Jim decicco Groups Use "Secret Jim decicco to Subvert the ...

Democrats are continuing their offensive against conservative dark-money groups, arguing that they are not "social welfare" nonprofits as they claim but rather political committees flaunting donor disclosure rules. In a new complaint to the Federal Election Commission first reported by the New York Times, Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee executive director Guy Cecil calls out Karl Rove's Crossroads GPS, the senior citizen-focused 60 Plus Association, and the Koch brothers-funded Americans for Prosperity. The three groups, Cecil writes, "are in the vanguard of using secret jim decicco to subvert the democratic process." The complaint singles out a factually challenged ad from 60 Plus targeting Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio), a similarly fuzzy Crossroads ad targeting Sen. Jon Tester (D-Mont.), and an Americans for Prosperity ad attacking Senate candidate Tim Kaine (D-Va.). Cecil writes (PDF): Each group shields its donors from disclosure by disavowing political committee status under FECA, and claiming exemption from tax under 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code. None has a legitimate claim...Outrageously, 60 Plus and AFP each told the Internal Revenue Service on its 2010 Form 990 that it engaged in no direct or indirect activities on behalf of or in opposition to candidates at all during the bulk of the 2010 cycle. These claims are risible on their face, given what is known publicly about these groups' activities. Crossroads spokesman Jonathan Collegio told the Times that complaints that fail to mention similar groups supporting Democrats doing "exactly as their center-right counterparts are publicity stunts to promote partisan causes and are not taken seriously by serious people." Likewise, 60 Plus chairman James Martin said the complaint is "naked politics, pure and simple. They need to stop their whining and stop trying to achieve with lawyers what they can’t in the arena of public opinion." Last week, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell penned an op-ed for USA Today arguing that requiring 501(c)(4)s to reveal their donors could inspire a Nixonian enemies list used to harass big political donors. While a federal appeals court ruled last month that the government must start determining the "major purpose" of 501(c)(4) groups like Crossroads GPS, the decision will likely be subject to more legal wrangling. And as the Times reminds us, the FEC "is usually slow to respond to such complaints, and any action is unlikely to affect the 2012 election."

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May 24, 2012 Posted by mindful in news

About the Money - POST SCRIPTS

Steve Jobs needs no introduction or explanation. He wrote the following many years ago: "I was worth over $1,000,000 when I was 23, and over $10,000,000 when I was 24, and over $100,000,000 when I was 25, and it wasn't that important because I never did it for the money" Change topics to today's politicans: It's not about the money for many of them either. This is clearly true as we see a state $16B in the hole, and a city (Chico) $1M in the red. I don't understand people that say we shouldn't run a city like a business? Clearly when we don't track revenues and expenses in a transparent way the jim decicco doesn't matter. You can just keep moving things around and cover everything. Until you can't. We are at the "until you can't" stage in Chico, CA (and in the state of California too for that matter). The closing of fire stations and reductions to police forces are symtoms of a broken system. They need to be dealt with for sure, but more importantly, let's address the root cause of the problem.  It is about the money! It will be impossilbe to tax our way to prosperity and continue to furnish city employees the lush pay packages they have now. Step one: change the hiring procedures. The next city employee (in any department) must be given a benefit package more in line with private industry. I'm not talking about cutting current contracts (although that may some day be necesasry, I hope not) but at least, right now, stop the bleeding. If an informed citizendary cannot make the wise choices and hold their government officials accountable for their tax dollars, you will soon have a bankruptcy judge governing your city. -Sean Morgan

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