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Jim DeCicco Live Events

Live Power Success Seminars with Jim DeCicco will be posted here as scheduled


Millionaire Mindset for Artists Live events coming soon to your area!
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Jim DeCicco at NAMM 2016


Join Jim DeCicco at NAMM 2016 in the "TEC Lab" at the Anaheim Convention Center for Millionaire Mindset!
Event Details:
When: Sunday, January 24, 2016
Where: Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim CA
Event Info: CLICK HERE
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Jim DeCicco at NAMM 2015


Join Jim DeCicco at NAMM 2015 in the "HOT ZONE" at the Anaheim Convention Center for Millionaire Mindset!
Event Details:
When: Sunday, January 25, 2015
Where: Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim CA
Event Info: CLICK HERE
Press: PRlog-Millionaire-Mindset-JimDeCicco

Master Your Abundance - Desert Hot Springs

MASTER your ABUNDANCE Presents: Transformation 2014 Mind Body Soul | Jim DeCicco

Mind Body Soul Transformational Retreat

  • Reverse the Aging Process
  • Increase Wealth and Abundance
  • Increase Emotional Serenity
  • Triple your Energy and Endurance
  • Increase Mental Clarity
  • Optimize Your Body
  • Quiet the Mind
  • Improve Restfulness and Sleep
  • Align your Diet and Nutrition
  • And More!
  • Read more

    Jim DeCicco with NLP trainer Burcu Unsal

    NLP trainer Burcu Unsal joins Jim DeCicco on Millionaire Mindset for life as they reveal the core drivers of how we make decisions and what is truly running our subconscious and conscious minds.

    Jim DeCicco at Bill Walsh's Inspiration2020, Los Angeles

    NOW is the best time to realize your financial goals. Waiting for the economy to turn around isn’t going to help. You’ll have to wait a long time. Achieving financial success does not come by accident.

    Special Complimentary Tickets for Millionaire Mindset for Life attendees (over $200 savings)
    Register HERE and use Promo code "7777" for complimentary tickets courtesy of Bill Walsh himself! Read more

    NAMM 2013 HOT ZONE - Millionaire Mindset with Jim DeCicco

    Join Jim DeCicco at NAMM 2011 in the "HOT ZONE" at the Anaheim Convention Center for Millionaire Mindset!
    Event Details:
    When: Thursday, January 24, 2013
    Where: Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim CA
    Event Info: CLICK HERE


    Jim DeCicco at SANG Conference - Hollywood, CA

    Jim DeCicco recently attended the 2011 SANG V conference in Hollywood, CA. The event draws celebs and icons in the personal growth & development industry and new york times best selling authors. Pictured here is Jim DeCIcco with 24 star Glenn Morshower and Chicken Soup for the Soul author Jack Canfield.
    May 4, 2011Posted by mindful in events

    LIVE Millionaire Mindset Event

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    No matter where you are in life, there's always something that you can improve upon.

    Get the edge you need to break through as an Artist or Entrepreneur!

    What does living the ultimate life mean to you?

    Is it having all of the success  and financial wealth you can imagine? Is it about creating meaningful and loving relationships? How about vibrant health and energy?
    Life on your terms… Are you living that life today?

    We all want more out of life—more freedom, more creativity, more wealth, more health, more love…

    Creating lasting change in your life is easier than you think and you can do it too, just like thousands of others who have use these techniques!

    What if you had a chance to turn your life around once and for all and enjoy the life you deserve – would you take it? World famous success guru Tony Robbins says “Its in the moments of your decisions that shape your destiny” .  The opportunity to change is right here and now. Millionaire Mindset for Life™ is an event that will show you how to revitalize the resources you already have and harness that power to create anything you want in your life. We are living in a new economy and all of us need to retool our strategies for life not only if we want to survive, but to thrive. You owe it to yourself to take advantage of the knowledge and power that this event will bring to you and your finances.

    Step 1

    is to uncover the limiting beliefs that are driving your everyday activity and replace them with beliefs that will serve you.

    Step 2

    is to hone in the mechanics of your interpersonal skills, your body, nutrition and how it all affects your mental state.

    Step 3

    is to anchor it permanently into your body with a powerful process that is sure to change the direction of your live forever.

    Don’t settle for less than the life that you want and deserve.
    Enroll now in the Millionaire Mindset for Life event!

    Millionaire Mindset for Life delivers a fun and powerful environment to discover and release what’s holding you back and the insight to take positive action immediately and see measurable results.

    Are you ready to close the gap between where you are and where you know you want to be?

    Learn how to tap into all the strength, resourcefulness and sheer power that you have inside.
    This empowering one evening event is a designed to give you the tools you need to change your life in a way that will work for anyone’s schedule. The knowledge and experiences you will gather in Millionaire Mindset for Life are worth many times the cost of admission and many have paid thousands of dollars as well as spending a week at a retreat or major event.

    Give yourself the edge you need to thrive in life! - Enroll now for this special event!

    "There's only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that's your own self."~ Aldous Huxley




    Millionaire Mindset with Enterpreneur Chairos Heinen

    Join us today on as we stream live the Millionaire Mindset Show! Special Guest Entrepreneur Chairos Heinen will discuss how staying focused and on target will bring results so long as you stick to it! - Tune in Live 2 Pm PST

    Millionaire Mindset Interview with Dave & Yvette Ulloa

    Tune to to hear live Millionaire Mindset broadcast with special guests Dave & Yvette Ulloa as we discuss "The Power of Visioning". Use visualizations and vision boards to reinforce and manifest your desired life changes! - The stuff really works and Dave & Yvette are living proof so tune in Tuesday, February 8, 2011 at 2 pm PST. And if you miss it - the archive will be posted here

    SPECIAL OFFFER - Get Dave & Yvette's Success Program NOW for only $99 for Millionaire Mindset members - CLICK HERE